Why Do Babies Kick inside the Womb?


Babies kick inside the womb as a way of responding to their mothers' emotions, sound or to the food consumed by their mothers'. They can also kick as a way of flexing and stretching as they grow. This kind of movement is very significant since its an indication of a well developing foetus.
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everyone is different but usually any time from around 14 weeks onwards.
You probably won't feel your baby kick until sometime between 16
The tiny bell pepper that you see inside the larger bell pepper is caused by one of the seeds that was produced by the pepper plant germinating while still inside the fruit. Generally
The same reason they do on the outside. People don't really think of it this way but they truly are real babies on the inside from about 12 weeks. They just need time to grow and
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Why Do Babies Kick Inside the Womb?
You'll usually feel your baby kicking inside the womb around the fifth month of pregnancy, according to [What to Expect](http://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/ask-heidi/week-21/baby-movements.aspx). Thin women and those who've had previous pregnancies... More »
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