Why Do Babies Kick inside the Womb?


Babies kick inside the womb as a way of responding to their mothers' emotions, sound or to the food consumed by their mothers'. They can also kick as a way of flexing and stretching as they grow. This kind of movement is very significant since its an indication of a well developing foetus.
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Babies in the womb are conscious. There's not a lot of wiggle room, so
Checking out the new "vehicle" Testing and growing.
its a natrual instinct its called the "kicking reflex" it helps with strength and other things.
They just do . Its just a natural thing.
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Why Do Babies Kick Inside the Womb?
For pregnant women, feeling their baby's movements for the first time is a special moment filled with joy and anticipation. As the baby develops, the movement becomes more frequent and easier to feel, signaling a well developing baby.... More »
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