Why Do Balloons Stick to Walls?


Balloons stick to the wall, because the wall is more positively charged than the balloon. This is because when rubbed, excess supplies of electrons which are negative charges are added to the surface of the balloon.
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because like opposite chrages attract, which makes it stick to the wall.
1. Demonstrate how to charge the balloon to make it acquire additional electrons. Negatively charged electrons orbit around the nucleus of an atom. If you rub the balloon against
Static electricity refers to the build up of electric charge on the surface of
There's not just one answer to this question, but some of the phenomenon involved are believed to be: Wet adhesion using surface-tension properties of chemical secretions. Wet capillary
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When you rub a balloon against you pants leg you are charging the electrons in the balloon. Think opposites attract when you place the balloon against the wall. At this point the balloons electrons are charged creating static electricity where the walls are not charged. the electrons grab hold of the wall but also do not let go of the balloon thus causing them to stick together.
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