Why Do Bananas Give Me Heartburn?


Many times bananas can cure a case of heartburn. In some people, bananas can actually cause heartburn. Usually bananas will create some mucus in the stomach preventing heartburn. If a banana is eaten that is not quite ripe and has some green, these bananas tend to be high in acid. An unripe banana is also harder to digest because the starches in the banana hasn't turned to sugar yet. If it is ripe and you still get heartburn, it could be a sign that you are allergic to them.
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Bananas are among the most popularly recognizable fruits in the world; grown sub-tropically, they are now available (through import) in markets on nearly every continent. They are
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Generally any fruits form acidity , because of their 'sour' taste. So that will make heartburn.There are lots of veriety of bananas are there. Avoid bananas with sour taste .Try to
Anything at all can give you heartburn. Oreos are just as likely to do it as anything
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