Why do Battery Terminals Corrode?


Battery terminal corrosion can be a pain in the butt. Generally battery terminals corrode due to the acid inside of the battery leaking out. Thankfully you can avoid corrosion through general prevention and cleaning. You can find more information at car.tips.net
Q&A Related to "Why do Battery Terminals Corrode?"
The battery acid is leaking out, either do to a failing battery or do to an alternator that is over charging.
Car batteries consist of a series of lead plates suspended in an electrolytic solution. When your battery supplies power to the motor, tiny droplets of electrolyte escape from the
Ok now here is the real answer... Every time you put two different (dissimilar) metals together one becomes the anode and one becomes the cathode. When you pass electricity through
very often corrosion is caused by gas coming upa around the battery post, try cleaning them with baking soda and water and use impregnated felt rings over the post before replacing
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