Why Do Bears Hibernate?


Bears hibernate so as to bypass winter which results in the disappearance of their food supply. They usually have a hard time finding food during winter and therefore cuddle up in caves to stay safe from the dangers of this harsh weather.
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Most species of bears (but not pandas) will hibernate during the winter because their food supply decreases during that time. If they were active in colder weather, they would need
Polar bears live in the Arctic, the extreme north. They do not hibernate, but they may
The grizzly bear (Ursus arctos horribilis) is omnivorous, making it an apex predator, a foraging herbivore and a scavenger all at once. The North American Bear Center describes the
When fall turns to winter and the temperature dips, the food sources for the wild animals becomes very scarce. Some animals wait out the harsh conditions of winter, constantly searching
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Bears hibernate because they need to stay warm and healthy during the long winter months. Food is scarce for bears in the winter, so they stock up on their food supply before going into hibernation.
Bears will usually go into hibernation when their food sources are scarce due to the coldness of winter. They will eat and build up body fat so they can sleep through the worst parts of winter.
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