Why Do Bears Hibernate?


Bears hibernate so as to bypass winter which results in the disappearance of their food supply. They usually have a hard time finding food during winter and therefore cuddle up in caves to stay safe from the dangers of this harsh weather.
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they hibernate because they dont like snow. Grizzly bears love to play in the snow, when they come out of hibernation they have been seen playing in snow reminants. Hibernation is
Black bears hibernate during winter months when food sources are low. Seventy-five percent of their diet consists of vegetation that becomes sparse in cold winter months. Black bears
Bears do not eat rocks before hibernation. They eat anything that adds to
The Greek Gods of Olympus used to punish humans or semi-god for improper behavior or -mainly- for defying them and their wills. So, you may write that the bears hibernate because
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Bears hibernate because they need to stay warm and healthy during the long winter months. Food is scarce for bears in the winter, so they stock up on their food supply before going into hibernation.
Bears will usually go into hibernation when their food sources are scarce due to the coldness of winter. They will eat and build up body fat so they can sleep through the worst parts of winter.
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