Why Do Birds Fly in a V Formation?


There are two well-supported and corresponding explanations for why birds fly in V formation. One is to preserve energy by taking advantage of the up wash whirlpool fields formed by the wings of the birds in front. The other is to aid communication and orientation among the flying birds.
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Birds fly in V-formations for the same reason that cyclists ride in a line; drafting. The leading bird breaks the wind and the following birds benefit from riding on the upwash from
Two reasons; it conserves the energy of the birds and it is easier to
Most commonly see are ducks flying in a V shaped formation when they migrate south for the winter, but most flocks of bird fly in this shape(with the exception of black birds, who
Bruce Batt, chief biologist for the conservation group Ducks Unlimited, based in Memphis, Tenn., explains. The linear flight formations of migratory birds are called echelons. The
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Birds fly in a V formation to conserve energy. Each bird flies slightly above the one ahead of it to lower wind resistance. They take turns flying at the head of the V.
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