Why Do Birds Migrate?


Migration is a form of adaptation. Birds migrate to survive. They migrate to escape harsh weather conditions that may harm their lives or the lives of their young ones.
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Birds instinctively know when, where and how to travel during their migrations. Man has not discovered the reasons or the methods of the migration of birds though.
They migrate because of different weather conditions and food supplies. Migratory birds generally fly somewhere to breed, raise their chicks and then fly back. Just about all birds
Many species of birds spend part of the year-the warmer months-in northern regions, and then migrate south when the weather starts to get cold. Birds follow this southward path primarily
Not so, report a pair of ecologists from The University of Arizona in Tucson. The pressure to migrate comes from seasonal food scarcity. "It’s not just whether you eat
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Birds migrate due to climate changes. Many birds need to migrate because they will not survive in a very cold climate. Birds have a wonderful sense of when they need to move on.
Many birds migrate during the winter when it gets too cold in their habitat. After the winter they will return to their original homes.
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