Why does the bottom of my feet burn?


The bottom of the feet often burn in response to nerve damage known as neuropathy, according to WebMD. While many conditions can cause the feet to burn, diabetes is the most common cause. Neuropathy is caused by damaged nerve fibers, which cause the nerves to misfire and overreact.

Burning feet can be so painful at times that it disrupts sleep, according to the Mayo Clinic. The burning may also be accompanied by parasthesia, which is the sensation of pins and needles, and sometimes numbness. Peripheral neuropathy can also be caused by alcohol abuse, AIDS, circulatory disorders, vitamin B-12 deficiency and heavy metal poisoning.

Walking and massage are beneficial for neuropathy because they enhance circulation to the feet. Other remedies for burning feet include soaking the feet in cool water and taking acetaminophen or aspirin. Keeping the blood sugar under control can help stave off diabetic neuropathy, according to Harvard Medical School. Controlling blood pressure, avoiding smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and staying active can also help manage foot problems. Losing weight is especially helpful in treating foot problems because doing so helps take some of the pressure off the feet, reducing pain. Biofeedback and acupuncture may also help reduce burning feet caused by neuropathy.

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