Why Do Brides Carry Flowers?


For centuries, flowers have stood for a variety of values and emotions. These days, brides carry flower bouquet in the colour scheme of their wedding, bringing elegance and beauty as well as old world customs to their special day.
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Ancient Greek, Roman and Celtic brides carried bouquets and wore garlands of fragrant herbs and spices including dill, rosemary, myrtle and garlic. Young couples thought the mixture
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Answer It was though to be a sign of viriginity. Many years ago (in fact, going back centuries) women were expected to be virgins. In fact, it was the Queen Mother Victoria that
Plants flower for one simple reason: pollination. The bright coloured flowers and the scent attracts insects towards them. While the insect is sucking the nectar, the pollen grains
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Why Do Brides Carry Flowers?
Everyone has seen a beautiful bride carry flowers down the aisle, but few people know the significance behind the flowers. While it's true flowers add a touch of glamour to a wedding, there are deeper reasons their presence.... More »
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Traditionally brides carry flowers to signify different things like love, fidelity, happiness, and so on. Now brides match their flowers to their decorating theme and coordinate with other decorations. You can find more info at: www.ourmarriage.com
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