Why do I get bruises for no reason?


Unexplained bruising that is not a result of an injury may be caused by a bleeding disorder, a blood infection, lupus, liver disease, malnutrition or some types of cancer, according to WebMD. Bruises develop when blood vessels underneath the skin are ruptured or torn, and most commonly result after a fall or bump. However, when someone experiences bruising with no explanation, it is important to visit a doctor.

Some people bruise more easily than others, and when this is the case, unexplained bruising is not necessarily a cause for concern, according to WebMD. Minor injuries that are no cause for concern and quickly forgotten are common in cases of people who bruise easily. Taking aspirin or other blood thinning medications also has been linked to an increased tendency for bruising. In some cases, bruises that are not a result of an accident can signal abuse, and reporting these instances prevents abuse in the future. When visiting a doctor about unexplained bruising, the treatment plan typically consists of preventing or stopping bleeding, changing a medication that is causing the bruising or dealing with the underlying medical condition that is leading to excessive bruising. Most bruises heal within two to four weeks.

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