Why Do Bulls Have Rings in Their Noses?


Bulls have rings in their noses to ease the task of handling the bulls because they constantly cause a serious threat to their handlers. When a bull's nose ring is pulled, it is very painful for the bull and thus the bull will easily follow its master.
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Why Do Bulls Have Rings in Their Noses?
Bulls are very large and potentially dangerous animals. They are also animals that people sometimes need to interact with. To make bulls easier to control and handle, the bull may be given a nose ring. Like humans and many other animals, bulls have a... More »
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Bulls are not born with rings in their noses, nor do all bulls have the rings. Bulls are not the gentlest of creatures, so putting rings in the noses of bulls that will be handled often makes them a bit easier to handle. You can find more information here: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/1154/do-bulls-really-wear-rings-in-their-noses
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The ring in a bull's nose represents discipline; usually done when they are between the age of 6-8 months old. The ring's purpose is to make the bull easier to handle and control.
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Nose rings are used to more easily handle bulls. It is typically used for those
bulls have nose rings to control them. the nose is tender and the ring placed there keeps them in control with a rope attached to it
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