Camels Feet?


Camels have big padded feet to prevent them from sinking in the sand. A camel's long, thin legs are made of powerful muscles which enables them to carry heavy loads for a long distance. The camel moves both feet on one side of its body, then both feet on the other when walking.
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camels have big feet so that they trek through loose sand and because they are such big animals that they need support and big feeet is helpful.
A camel spider can be as large as 6 inches across. Camel spiders are not spiders at all, but rather solpugids. There are around 900 species known to date.
1. Big feet are beautiful. But their only beautiful when you know they are. Women who are not confident in something about their self others won't be either. If you feel your feet
To distribute their weight and to be able to walk on sand.
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So they can jump very high. ...
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