Why do camels have humps?


Camels have humps on their backs for storing fat, which they survive by when food and water becomes scarce. A healthy camel that is well fed should have a firm and upright hump, although some may have a bent hump due exhausting desert journeys.
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The camel's hump stores fat & uses it as nourishment when food is scarce. If it's
In one they carry water and in the other they carry fat.
so they are off the ground more and so they ca travel long distances
Defiantly because of natural selection. there were camels that were grey and some that were sandy colour, predators could see the ones with the grey and so they ate them, whereas
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Camels use fat for survival when food and water are scarce. A well fed camel has a sturdy and upright hump, of which after a long desert journey, the same Camel will have a floppy hump due to fat deprivation.
Camels have humps on their backs which help them survive for weeks if they have no food or water. They are filled with flesh and fat and can weigh up to eighty pounds.
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