Why Do Camels Spit?


Camels spit when they are agitated and upset but those that are well trained are very cooperative and rarely spit. Camels do not spit saliva but emit some of the partially digested content of their fore stomachs where they burp and then flap their head and it slides out of their mouth.
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Camels spit a lot because of the amount of saliva the produce inside there mouth. There tongues play a big roll in the spiting, they use there tongues to spit.
Camels don't actually spit, it's more like they're throwing up. When camels become agitated or upset, they regurgitate some of their food, and use their lips to fling it at the agitator.
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Camels spit because they were raised in barns, at least, that's what my mother told me! Actually, camels spit in an effort to try and intimidate a perceived offender. To find more
They don't actually spit. It's actually vomit (the camel's stomach contents) Camels do this to distract or surprise anything that the camel feels to be threatening.
It actually isn't spit, it is vomit! This is meant to surprise, distract, or bother whatever the camel feels is
A camel can spit up to 37 meters. Camels do not spit unless they become agitated and upset. Text us!
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Camels do not spit per se but rather throw up their stomach contents in minute quantities usually as way of distracting anything that the camel will perceive as ...
Camels are animals that are known for their spitting. Famously you have probably seen camels spitting in nature shows, or even cartoon camels doing the same thing ...
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