Why Do Protestants Hate Catholics?


Anti-Protestantism originated in a reaction by the Catholic Church against the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. Protestants were denounced as heretics and subject to persecution in some territories, such as Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, in which the Catholics were the dominant power. This movement was orchestrated by Popes and Princes as the counter reformation.
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Because they 'protest' at what the Catholics believe. Catholics do not 'hate' Protestants, they disagree with Protestants on some matters of theology, liturgy and Biblical interpretation
Differing views of Mary have sparked countless debates between Protestants and Catholics. The biggest doctrinal difference between Roman Catholics and Protestants is their view of
Most of the animosity comes from basic human nature when dealing
Possibly because they consider them revisionist. Catholic traditions do not claim to be purely based on the religion of the First Century apostles, supported only by biblical references
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It is difficult to generalize the feelings and attitudes of one’s religious group to another. The Protestants separated from the Catholic Church in the 1600’s as they viewed them as non-believers, and did not approve of the lavish lives which the Catholic priests lived. However, opinions of individuals vary depending on what they see, hear, feel and experience.
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