Why Do Cats and Dogs Fight?


Cats and dogs fight because it is a natural instinct of a dog to chase a cat because it is a natural predator. Movement or motion is said to be one of the natural triggers that makes dogs chase cats.
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Dogs chase cats because cats run. It seems strange but it is true. Most dogs will chase anything that runs from them. It is part of the hunting instinct that every dog is born with.
Cats and dogs fight because of basic instincts. In the wild, you have wild dogs, lions, jaguars, etc which are considered carnivores. They eat meat, and since they have to hunt &
Territorial aggression often occurs when a cat within the household intrudes into another cat's territory. He then feels as if his personal space has been invaded and instinctively
Cats coughing of hairballs is a natural activity caused by an accumulation of fur in the animals stomach from grooming itself. No action is required unless the cat in having troubles
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Some dogs and cats become great friends, especially if they were raised together from babyhood. However, some dogs have strong instincts that drive them to become aggressive towards cats. You can find more information here: http://cats.suite101.com/article.cfm/how_to_stop_a_dog_attacking_a_cat
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