Why do cats bite playfully?


Cats can bite to assert dominance as well as to respond to threats. It can also be as a form of communication or to simply show direction to something or some action that they want to achieve.
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1. Place kittens together to play. Cats, like dogs, learn to temper their biting when they are very young. Putting them together to play and figure out that biting hurts can reduce
1 Distance yourself from the biting cat . 2 Put pressure on the wound to stop bleeding or put an ice pack on it . 3 Get help . If bleeding does not stop, or if blood spurts out with
Usually cats don't like to bite their owners but if they get annoyed with what you are doing to them they do tend to react. Cats mainly bite or scratch people that they don't know.
All cats have bacteria in their mouths that coat their teeth. When a cat bites you they leave this bacteria in the puncture wounds. Which your body is very good at sealing off and
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Cats will bite playfully when they get excited especially if you are moving your fingers. Normally just training the cat that a firm no and then ignoring the cat for about ten minutes. You can find more information here: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Cat_communication
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