Why do cats bite playfully?


Cats can bite to assert dominance as well as to respond to threats. It can also be as a form of communication or to simply show direction to something or some action that they want to achieve.
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Cats play fight to express ownership of territor -a toy or an area of the home. They also fight to hone their hunting and fighting skills. Cats have a complex social structure and
Cats are meticulously clean animals and as such are constantly grooming themselves. Their paws, like our own feet are very important; even the smallest wound can become quickly infected
Cats get bored easily. They are fascinated by everyday materials and their properties. Hair is a LOT of fun for cats. They, themselves are furry, and the texture, smell and the
Usually when a cat bites their kitten often times near the scruff or back of their neck
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Cats will bite playfully when they get excited especially if you are moving your fingers. Normally just training the cat that a firm no and then ignoring the cat for about ten minutes. You can find more information here: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Cat_communication
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