Why Do Cats Die Suddenly?


Cats normally mask some illnesses until they die from them thereby creating the impression that they die suddenly. However, the most common cause of sudden feline deaths is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Other syndromes include (FIP) feline infectious peritonitis and toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease
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The reason why so many parrot owners do not know their bird is sick is a simple one - their birds don't want them to know. Birds instinctively hide signs of illness and injury because
Like people , cats die from a variety of causes- accidents, disease and old-age coupled with disease are probably the major cause among pet cat.
Vomiting can be benign or signal deeper pathology. The danger in prolonged vomiting is that pets can become dehydrated, aspirate the vomit into their lungs and get pneumonia, or that
Cats die eventually just like other animals and people. Cats can have illnesses or get hit by vehicles. They could
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