Why Do Cats Die Suddenly?


Cats normally mask some illnesses until they die from them thereby creating the impression that they die suddenly. However, the most common cause of sudden feline deaths is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Other syndromes include (FIP) feline infectious peritonitis and toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease
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While quite rare in cats, heart attacks do happen occasionally in cats, some of which can result in death. "Snycope" is used to describe fainting or collapsing due to an
Many things can cause an animal to die suddenly. For a house pet like a cat, the obvious dangers of sudden death are environment-related(to list a few, not in any specific order)
Since you allowed her to free roam it could have been one of many things. She could have been hit by a car and died from internal bleeding. She could have been attacked by something
1. Get your vet's advice on what to do. Ad. 2. Use a medication dropper you keep your cat hydrated. 3. Add water to you cat's food so it is soft. That makes it is easier to eat. 4
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Mother cats may abandon their kittens because they believe the kittens are sick and will die. They may also abandon their kittens if they believe they can't take ...
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