Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?


Cats lick each other mainly so that they can groom each other or so that they can bond. This is however done between cats that have been together for sometime and therefore know each other well.
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to smell what the others been eating, and to clean it, my cats get itchy behinds too. Probably as a favor to the other cat.
Cats lick each other for grooming purposes. It keeps them clean, cool in hot weather,
Mutual Grooming. Dogs who share a household often participate in mutual grooming. It’s a way to bond, show affection and take care of each other. Dogs lick each others&rsquo
The reason that cats on friendly terms with each other lick the ears and head is just mutual grooming. They can't do it them self except by licking their paw and rubbing it across
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Cats lick each other as a way of bonding and to show affection for each other. They also do this as a way to groom each other. Many cats will lick another cats head and ears. This is because these are the hardest areas for a cat to clean themselves.
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