Why Do Cats Lick Their Owners?


Cats lick their owners to show their affection towards them and as a way of communicating. Another likely reason for cats licking their owners is that it is also thought that cats tend to like the salty taste on our skin.
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They lick it to clean off debris such as excess droppings, litter from the box, or to just plain clean it. They also like the claen feeling, like humans.
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Cats lick their genitalia in an attempt to remove dirt, discharge or debris. Excessive licking, may
The body structure of a cat is built for climbing. The back legs of a cat are very powerful and can propel them into very high places. Cats also have very muscular backs that assist
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Cats lick their owners for various reasons. One reason a cat may lick its owner is to show affection and care for them. Also, cats do this to groom their owners as they are used to this with other cats and themselves.
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