Why Do Cats like Earwax?


Cats like earwax because of the scent of animal proteins and the fatty acids found in earwax. Cats do not have a sense of taste like humans so they don't find it bitter or sour. They have a very good sense of smell that helps them smell the protein in the earwax.
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because they do.
LOL! I had a cat years ago, Tuffy, that if you were laying on your side he'd try to lick inside your ear. He'd wake me up doing it, too - would totally freak me out. He'd also walk
Cats are curious creatures and eating things is one of their ways of discovering the
Cerumen, commonly called earwax, is produced by special cerumen glands in the outer ear canal, which connects the outer ear and the middle ear. Earwax is usually yellow or whitish
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