Why Do Cats Spray?


Cats usually spray because they are confident and present themselves as the dominant figure in a multi-cat household. Other cats spray stems from cats that are slightly intimidated, less confident and even somewhat timid. They are basically marking their territory which is a common goal for spraying in felines.
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Cats spray as a way to mark their territory especially if they are a male. If they are female they will spray to try and attract a male cat to mate with.
When a cat sprays on furniture, you can tell almost immediately. If you stumble upon the furniture after the cat has sprayed on it, you will feel a noticeable wetness. Shortly after
A cat spraying is an instinct that male cats have to mark their territory. Whatever they're spraying on, it means "this is mine". There are some deterrents available at
It is a part of nonverbal communication among cats, to establish and define boundaries and
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Generally cats spray to mark their territory. This means they mist urine on an object saying it belongs to them. Other cats won't intrude on a marked space of a cat usually.
Cats do not spray because they have a litter box problem going on. They spray in order to communicate the setting of boundaries. They basically do it to be territorial, and to show other cats that that is their territory.
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All cats, neutered or not, can spray, though, urine marking is most widespread in un-neutered male cats. To ensure that your cat does not spray in future, it is ...
Both male and female cats spray urine as a way of marking their territories. Spraying is most common in cats who are not neutered and in households with many cats ...
Male cats that have been neutered can still spray as neutering only reduces the cat's motivation for spraying but it doesn't stop it completely. Early neutering ...
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