Why Do Cats Spray?


Cats usually spray because they are confident and present themselves as the dominant figure in a multi-cat household. Other cats spray stems from cats that are slightly intimidated, less confident and even somewhat timid. They are basically marking their territory which is a common goal for spraying in felines.
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Generally cats spray to mark their territory. This means they mist urine on an object saying it belongs to them. Other cats won't intrude on a marked space of a cat usually.
Cats do not spray because they have a litter box problem going on. They spray in order to communicate the setting of boundaries. They basically do it to be territorial, and to show other cats that that is their territory.
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Cats spray as a way to mark their territory especially if they are a male. If they are female they will spray to try and attract a male cat to mate with.
The absolute best way to prevent a cat from spraying is neutering. Wendy C. Brooks, DVM, DipABVP, explains the procedure of neutering in her Internet article "Neutering the Male
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Female cats don't truly spray like males do. However, they will urinate to mark territory. A female cat may begin to spray due to stress, intrusion by a new cat, ...
Female cats may spray when they are scared or upset. They also spray to mark their territory. Many people think only male cats spray, but females do it for different ...
Female cats normally spray to attract the male cat. Spraying normally occurs when she is on heat and she does this to leave her scent to attract a male cat. It ...
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