Why Do Cells Need to Divide?


Cells need to divide because they are limited in size and due to this the outside must transport oxygen and food to the parts inside. As they get bigger, the outside is not in a position to keep up with the inside, for the reason that the inside grows a faster rate compared to the outside.
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One of the major aspects of life is self replication, or reproduction. If cells didn't divide, then populations of organisms would not form, and evolution would be impossible. The
Cells, whether single-celled organisms or the cells in our bodies, need energy to survive. The cells use their energy to perform a number of tasks, depending on what kind of cells
Cells die constantly via apoptosis. These always need to be replaced so the organism can keep on living. Also, if the organism is young, the cells will need to divide quickly for
Cells are limited in size because the outside (the cell membrane)
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Cells need to divide in order to continue with their existence, this is how they reproduce. if they didn't reproduce/divide they would cease to exist.
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