Why Do Chickens Lay Eggs?


Chicken belong to the Bird family, and birds generally lay eggs as a way to reproduce their young
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The most obvious answer to that is that the hen is just following her instincts. Birds want to hatch eggs and have chicks, but they can't do that if their eggs are spread all over
Chickens naturally lay eggs to produce more chickens. It is the law of reproduction.
Coming of Age. The average age for hens to begin laying is 5 to 7 months. Your hens will lay small eggs at first and will continue to lay larger ones as time goes on. Young hens will
The reason chickens and any bird produce eggs is to reproduce. People figured out that eggs taste good and are good for you. It was also figured out that chickens could be kept to
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A chicken laying eggs is the same as a human giving birth. This is their way of having babies. Once they lay the egg, they must keep it warm until it is ready to hatch.
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