Why Do Chickens Lay Eggs?


Chicken belong to the Bird family, and birds generally lay eggs as a way to reproduce their young
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Hens take about 26 hours to make an egg so they only lay one egg a day. They do not need a rooster to lay an egg either and they start to lay eggs between 18-20 weeks old.
The shell is produced in the chickens uterus where it remains for 20 to 26 hours. In the uterus, the egg gathers water and minerals including salts. Calcification of the shell takes
Chickens naturally lay eggs to produce more chickens. It is the law of reproduction.
1. Provide comfortable nesting boxes, filled with hay with a depression in the middle, to ensure the hens feel comfortable sitting in them. A safe environment will encourage a chicken
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A chicken laying eggs is the same as a human giving birth. This is their way of having babies. Once they lay the egg, they must keep it warm until it is ready to hatch.
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