Why Do Chihuahuas Shake?


Chihuahuas shake when they become too excited or as a result of low blood sugar. Other reasons include fear, cold, a nervous disposition or when they have an earache. Shaking is a common trait in Chihuahuas and it is an accepted part of their behaviour because most of the times it is not a cause of alarm.
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It could be many things such as low blood sugar, excitement, being cold or fear.
Most dogs are nervous by nature. Nervousness can make the dog shiver or appear to
Chihuahuas have a very high metabolic rate which can affect their adrenaline or blood sugar causing them to shake. See a Vet if the shaking is severe!
It is actually an trait that chihuahuas have evolved to have. They want to be held and coddled. This is why they have such underdeveloped legs. The shaking makes you want to pick
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Chihuahuas shake because they have a high metabolism, low fat, and very thin skin. They are prone to cold. Another reason why they shake is out of fear. You can find more information here: http://www.petchidog.com/Art_Chi_Shaking.html
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