Why Do Clothes Shrink?


When clothing is made of natural materials like wool or cotton the fibres are stretched and stressed in order to we woven into cloth. When those fibres are dried and/or washed at a high temperature those fibres would try to return to their natural state.
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Many theories circulate as to why clothes are smaller when you pull them out of the dryer. In an attempt to debunk some of the myths, Whirlpool, a leading appliance company, conducted
Don't they really shrink in the drier?
The other answers are wrong. It has to do with the energy of the polymer chains. Cotton and nylon and other common textiles used in clothing are all polymers. A polymer completely
In some fabrics, like wool, it would be the heat. With cotton it is the tumbling
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Some clothes usually shrink after they are washed for the first time. This shrinkage occurs because when the clothing is made the fabric is weaved tightly and after it's washed the fabric loosens. Always think about this ahead of time, especially with cotton clothing.
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