Why do clouds move?


The reason why clouds move is because the wind carries the parcel of cloudy air along. Wind occurs at every level of the atmosphere from the earth up to higher than a jumbo jet can fly. Several clouds such as the lenticular clouds which form over hills are still even at the time the wind is strong.
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Clouds move in the air because of the wind. The wind is much stronger as you increase in altitude because there's nothing to stop the wind up there such as mountains or valleys.
ds are part of (in) the air and the air moves (wind blows) and this moves the clouds too.
Clouds move with the wind. High cirrus clouds are pushed along by the jet stream, sometimes
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Clouds move along with the wind. The low or high pressure in the atmosphere determines the movement of the cloud. The faster the winds are moving the faster the cloud will move.
Clouds move because they have small water particles. Wind can move clouds through the sky. This causes air cooling. During a storm, clouds move up to 40 mph.
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I would say that clouds move because of the jet stream, air moving or the earth rotating. It is really hard to determine why or how the clouds move. You can find ...
Clouds in the sky are sometimes orange because they are affected by the color of light around them. Because of this, clouds are often orange at sunset. ...
Clouds move as fast or slow as the environment around them. The jet stream winds can move high cirrus clouds as fast as 100 miles per hour. ...
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