Why Do Cookies Burn on the Bottom?


Cookies burn on the bottom when they are in an oven too long or the batter was too soft. The best way to bake cookies when they have a lot of butter in them is to chill them. Bake them until just golden brown and remove from pan after cooling a couple minutes and place on a wire rack to cool.
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They burn because you cook them to long.
Things burn because they are on fire. Actually burning comes from chemicals process from atoms and molecules. One of the molecules are normally oxygen. For more information look here
Your oven might be hotter than what you think! Get
When I make cookies, I preheat the oven. Then I place them on the rack more toward the top (away from the heating element) I also put an empty cookie sheet on the rack beneath them
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Cookies burn on the bottom of a cookie sheet because either you have them on the lowest point in the oven or you have the heat on too high. You have to cook them in the allotted time, if you overcook there is potential to have them burn on the bottom.
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