Why Do Cowboys Wear Spurs?


Cowboys normally put on spurs to dig them into the horses' side to make them go faster. The spur should be properly fitted and it is very important to avoid using spurs on a sensitive-sided horse.
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Spurs appear to have been first used by the Celts of the La Tene period, named for a region in Switzerland where Celtic culture flourished in the latter half of the first millennium
cowboys wear spurs so they can dig them into there horses' side to make them go faster.. sort of like how people kick em lightly nowadays only with spikes on there heels
Spurs are an essential tool for every cowboy. Rough stock riders wear blunt-tipped or smooth roweled spurs to give them extra grip during a ride. A bull's skin is nearly seven times
Cowboys wear spurs so they can dig them into there horses' side to make them go faster.
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Why Do Cowboys Wear Spurs?
Cowboys are an integral part of America's makeup. Stories of their exploits have found their way to the silver screen for more than a hundred years. This has made cowboys easily recognizable. One of the most recognized parts of a cowboy's wardrobe is... More »
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