Why Do Cows Moo at Night?


Cows vocalise for several reasons and usually if they are mooing, it is because they are unhappy. Cows that are uncomfortable will make low, nearly vibrating moo's which they make without having to open their mouths.
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All animals on the earth make sounds dependent on the anatomy of their vocal chords, some more advanced than others. Cows say moo for the same reason that dogs can bark and growl,
Cows need some form of verbal communication if and when body language is not enough to get their point across, or if they have to communicate over a long distance. Their sense of
It's their form of communication. In French they say,meuh" and in Thai they say, "maw maw.
because their horns don't work! Haha!
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Cows moo because they might be uncomfortable in the position they have been placed. In addition, they moo as a communication sign to let someone know that they ...
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