Why Do Cows Wear Bells?


Cows wear bells so that these bells can be used to signal their owners of their precise location. This is common in the countryside where the cows wander off alone in the fields. Cow bells are often made of metal parts.
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Short version: to track, to warn, to please and to celebrate. Tracking Cattle. Cattle in many parts of the world have bells tied to them to track them in case they start roaming away
It's just a way for a farmer or herder to know where his or her cow wandered off to so they can get them in for milking. Bells are not used today in commerical operations, but they
Cows wear bells because their horns don't work. Thanks for using ChaCha!
because their horns don't work.
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cows wear bells as a means to find them easily when they wander off. If a cow wanders away the farmer is able to locate them by following the sound of their bell.
Traditionally, cows wore bells because of the vast expanses of land that farms covered. Cows roamed all over the farm and would sometimes get lost. Farmers put bells on them so they would be easier to find.
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