Why Do Deciduous Trees Lose Their Leaves?


Deciduous trees normally lose their leaves because it sometimes becomes difficult for the plants to maintain water balance. Decrease in average temperature as well as daylight hours also plays a big role in leaf fall.
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Tree growth periods usually end in late June. Buds are set, and the carbohydrates the tree has produced in its leaves are stored in stems, roots and branches instead of the tree using
Cause they turn yellow and fall off.
Trees lose their leaves in the fall due to falling temperatures and lessened hours of light and, possibly, a difference in the quality of the light reaching them. The light rays are
Depending on the variety, deciduous trees have leaves that turn from
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Why Do Deciduous Trees Lose Their Leaves in Winter?
Unlike evergreen trees, deciduous trees -- like oak, hickory, beech and birch -- drop their leaves in autumn. As winter approaches, leaves can actually be a liability to deciduous trees.... More »
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