Why Do Dogs Eat Wood?


There are a number of things that make a dog eat wood. Dogs will eat wood because they are bored. Being social animals, they would crave interaction with the family and if this opportunity is not provided it will be bored and become destructive. Eating wood is a way by which it can get the attention of the family. Eating of wood may be attributed to a nutrient deficient diet.
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becuase ther eeather mad at you or the love walls and barck.
Although rare, some medical conditions may cause stool eating in dogs. Contributing medical conditions include starvation, severe parasite infections and disorders of the pancreas
There is actually no definitive answer. Although it was considered that. this obnoxious behavior stemmed from the practice of regurgitating food. Dogs in the wild live in packs.
They were made this way to be carnivores.
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It is thought that in many cases the dog is attempting to gain a specific nutrient from the wood piece or pieces. No one really knows the answer.
The main reason dogs eat wood is cause they are known not to be very picky when it comes to eating things. This can be things from rubber toys and wood.
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