Why Do Dogs Hate Cats?


Dogs don't hate cats, they just have different social styles. When a dog sees a cat, it may want to sniff at its hind but the cat will attack as it doesn't want any of that. Cats also consider wagging of the tail as a sign of anger but to a dog it means happiness.
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Actually many dogs and cats get along just fine. It just appears that dogs hates cats because sometimes dogs view cats as something to chase for play but cats will feel threatened and will run away.
Not all dogs hate cats. Some species are more likely to hate cats than others, but even a dog's breed is no guarantee about how it will treat cats. Some dogs do have a highly developed predatory drive, especially towards animals that flee. This may partially explain why some dogs show aggression towards cats. You can find more information here: http://www.petuniversity.com/dogs/training--behavior/dogs-and-cats.htm
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Dogs don't actually hate cats. They like to chase them which is where the myth comes from. Then again dogs like to chase anything that runs. I have a dog that actually will flea my
i think its just instinct
I've read that dogs and cats have contrasting body language. When dogs wag their tails, it usually means that they are happy and feeling friendly. However, when cats wag their tails
Dogs don't necessarily hate cats in some cases, this may be known to some people due to cartoons
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