Why Do Dogs Howl When They Hear a Siren?


Dogs can howl at sirens because it is their way of signaling their presence though others can do it because they are lonely and bored. In the case for some sirens, they actually do it because of the similarity between dog howls and sirens. Howling is a form of communication and an instinctual behaviour among dogs.
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Howling at sirens goes back to the wild instinctual behavior of howling in
The loud noise hurts their ears. Also they may be trying to make a noise like the siren
1. Play a siren noise quietly for a short period of time to help desensitize your dog to the sound. 2. Feed your dog a treat when you play the siren noise to help counter condition
It's a way that dogs instinctively communicate their presence to one another. It just happens that certain man-made noises — such as sirens — sound to a dog just like
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