Why do dogs howl when they hear a siren?


According to the University of California Santa Barbara ScienceLine, it is likely that a dog howls when it hears a siren because it thinks it is another dog and is trying to communicate with it. Dogs are social animals and have many ways to share information vocally, such as howling.

Dogs also communicate by barking. Cesar's Way explains that barks indicate one of four states: a dog is either bored and wants something to do, spoiled and wants continual attention, confused about current circumstances or afraid of something in its surroundings.

Growling is often an intimidating form of communication. According to About.com, dogs growl for a number of reasons, including fear, pain, protecting a possession and defending territory.

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Howling at sirens goes back to the wild instinctual behavior of howling in
Many people believe that dogs howl in response to fire-truck and police sirens because it hurts their ears. This is not so, the response is a throw-back to the wild instinctual behavior
Instinct from pack animals .The howl simulates another canine in the pack. Embed Quote
If your dog starts howling when you start cranking out a tune on the piano or singing a song, do not take this as an insult. The howling is probably an indication that he wants to
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