Why Do Dogs Make Good Pets?


Dogs make good pets because they can get a sense of your moods and respond appropriately, they are naturally protective of their owners and they are good for playing with children. Compared to other pets, dogs are also cheap to own.
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1. They are easy to train 2. Good companions if lonley or depressed 3. Reserach shows dog salavia heals wounds!
The bichon frise is a breed of dog especially suited to being a house pet. Although their original use was as a sporting dog, by the 16th century, bichons were the royal pets in French
Sometimes they may not run away but just get lost when they go out . Maybe they catch a scent and follow it and the next thing they know , they are in a place they do not recognize
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Dogs make good pets because they are loyal, sweet, caring, trusting, and will do just about anything you ask them to. Dogs have been pets to man for centuries. You can find more information here: http://hunch.com/pets-for-an-apartment/
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