Why Do Dogs Make Good Pets?


Dogs make good pets because they can get a sense of your moods and respond appropriately, they are naturally protective of their owners and they are good for playing with children. Compared to other pets, dogs are also cheap to own.
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1. Ask permission. If the dog is not yours, get the okay from the owner to touch the dog. Then you need to get the dog's permission, do this by slowly extending your hand for the
1. Ask the owner. The dog might look friendly, but if you don't know the dog there is no way to tell how it reacts to strangers. If the owner gives you special instructions that differ
Puppy mills, or puppy farms, are large scale breeding industries that rely on profit over the well-being of the puppies. Unlike traditional dog breeders who sincerely care and give
they are very loyal.
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Dogs make good pets because they are loyal, sweet, caring, trusting, and will do just about anything you ask them to. Dogs have been pets to man for centuries. You can find more information here: http://hunch.com/pets-for-an-apartment/
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Dogs are good pets because they are loyal, kind, caring, and great to snuggle with. A dog is a great companion and protector. They are trusting, goofy, and kind. ...
Dogs make good pets because they are loyal. These cute pals are labeled man's best friend because of just that. They give you tons of affection and protect against ...
Pets are good companions because they often give a person something to focus their attention on. For children, pets can be a great way to teach them responsibility ...
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