Why do dogs pace back and forth?


Dogs often pace back and forth because of separation anxiety, or because they are bored or don’t have enough space to move around. Most dogs need their owners to walk them frequently, or they have unused energy that they try to burn off through pacing. Dogs practicing this behavior often do it due to a compulsive disorder or because they are worried about something.

Taking dogs that pace around excessively to the vet is an important first step. This way, the veterinarian is able to rule out any possible medical condition such as eye problems or inner ear infections that sometimes cause dog’s to have poor balance and pace around in order to relieve the pain. Some dogs also develop compulsions or confusions as they grow older. If the dog becomes lost due to a deteriorating mental state, it might pace because it has forgotten where it is and where it wants to go. There are medications available that often help with this condition. According to Medicine Net, some breeds are more prone to repetitive moving than others such as German shepherds and bull terriers. Dogs that are forced to live in confinement or in small areas often develop this behavior as well because they have nowhere to go.

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