Why Do Dogs Scratch on the Carpet?


There are various reasons that make dogs scratch on carpets. They may scratch the carpet to hunt for a treasure. Scratching a carpet also may be a sign of a dog trying release emotions.
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In the wild, wolves, the ancestors of dogs would scratch at the ground to make a more
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Figuring out why your dog is scratching the carpet is the first step in stopping the behavior. Dogs scratch carpet for a number of reasons. If he's scratching in front of the door
Cats lick, scratch and bite themselves for several behavioral reasons. For instance, cats lick and scratch to groom themselves. When the behavior becomes excessive, resulting in dry
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Why Do Dogs Scratch the Carpet?
Digging and scratching surfaces is a natural inclination for dogs -- especially for digging breeds like terriers. Digging at carpet can become destructive, however, and can even snag and hurt your dog’s nails. Redirect his behavior, make sure... More »
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