Why Do Dogs Scratch the Floor?


Dogs normally scratch the floor to relieve boredom as well as to keep themselves busy. Others do it to help control their body temperature in times of harsh temperature whereas others scratch to hide their food.
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Dogs are kinda like men, sometimes they just have a need to scratch or they really don't need a reason. Infestations of fleas or ticks though, can also be a reason for scratching
Answer they scratch the floors or walls to dull there nails or to get atention.also they do that to tell you they want to go outside
Bed-scratching behavior is characterized by pawing, rolling and scratching in and around the area where a dog intends to sleep. Dogs may also nose under their blankets and create
Dogs are normally social, pack animals that require stimulation from other dogs and people. When left alone or isolated, a dog may resort to chewing behaviors as a way to find stimulation
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Why Do Dogs Scratch Tile Floors?
If a homeowner has a pet, especially a dog or dogs, then there may be worries about the animal's effect on flooring, especially tile-based floors that are newly installed. Some types of flooring are susceptible to damage by dogs, while other types are... More »
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Laminate flooring can acquire scratches from a dog or other pet even when you take excellent care of the floor. When this happens, you can easily obtain a laminate ...
Scratching is a natural behaviour for cats. Cats scratch floors as they are trying to remove the outer layer of their claws or to mark their territory. The solution ...
There are various reasons that make dogs scratch on carpets. They may scratch the carpet to hunt for a treasure. Scratching a carpet also may be a sign of a dog ...
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