Why Do Dogs Scratch the Floor?


Dogs normally scratch the floor to relieve boredom as well as to keep themselves busy. Others do it to help control their body temperature in times of harsh temperature whereas others scratch to hide their food.
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Bed-scratching behavior is characterized by pawing, rolling and scratching in and around the area where a dog intends to sleep. Dogs may also nose under their blankets and create
Dogs like this because they can not reach that part of their body on their own. It feels really good to them. It is like someone scratching the one spot on your back that you cannot
I'm guessing, here, because I've never been a dog and have never had a dog explain this, but I HAVE had several canine best friends. They like being scratched and rubbed because:
The biggest misconception about dogs licking someone's nose or face is that it's unsanitary. However, saliva from dogs has antibiotics in it, which helps them to stay clean and protects
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Why Do Dogs Scratch Tile Floors?
If a homeowner has a pet, especially a dog or dogs, then there may be worries about the animal's effect on flooring, especially tile-based floors that are newly installed. Some types of flooring are susceptible to damage by dogs, while other types are... More »
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