Why do dolphins jump out of the water?


Dolphins World cites five possible reasons as to why dolphins jump out of the water: to get a better view over the water, to conserve energy, to play, to get rid of parasites and to communicate with others.

Jumping dolphins gain a better view of the water and are therefore better able to locate food. Flying through the air consumes less energy than swimming through water. Jumping out of water provides entertainment and keeps their senses sharp. Parasites that accumulate on the bodies of dolphins are removed by jumping, and dolphins communicate with their mates and other pods by jumping out of water.

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Dolphins jump to travel, because that uses less energy than swimming through the water. Water is much more dense than air, and with their streamlined bodies, a dolphin can make a
Dolphin's breathe in air, but they can hold their breath for long periods of time. When they come up to the surface or jump out of the water, they are coming up for air.
There are many theories such as to save energy by going through air instead of
Dolphins are mammals and therefore have to breathe fresh air, just the same as whales and that is the reason why they have a blow hole on the top of their head. They would have to
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Why Do Dolphins Jump Out of the Water?
Dolphins jump out of the water to avoid predators, to get oriented above the water and to take breaths. Dolphins are often trained to jump for entertainment when in captivity. Get more information on why dolphins jump from a dolphin behavioral husbandry... More »
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