Why Do Dolphins Jump out of the Water?


Animal behaviourists have put forward several reasons as to why dolphins jump out of water; the main reason being to travel as it takes much lesser energy than swimming through water. Dolphins are known to jump to heights of over 20 feet above water.
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Dolphins jump to travel, because that uses less energy than swimming through the water. Water is much more dense than air, and with their streamlined bodies, a dolphin can make a
Their tail give them amaizing power.
They're able to "synchronize" with each other. It's hard to say what the mechanism of "synchronizing" is yet though. I would have guessed echolocation on a first
Dolphins can jump as high as 5 m (16 ft.) from the surface of the water and
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Why Do Dolphins Jump Out of the Water?
Dolphins jump out of the water to avoid predators, to get oriented above the water and to take breaths. Dolphins are often trained to jump for entertainment when in captivity. Get more information on why dolphins jump from a dolphin behavioral husbandry... More »
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There are several theories as to why dolphins jump out of the water. Some think they do this as part of a mating ritual, to scan the area for food or just for fun.
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