Why Do Donkeys Hee Haw?


Donkeys hee haw, also known as braying, to communicate with other donkeys and humans. A bray typically will last for 20 seconds. A loud bray may be heard almost two miles away.
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The shape of the donkey nostrils and throat are slightly different from that of a horse. The horse produces a sound described as a "whinny" while the noise a donkey makes
Possibly because that's their noise. Kind of like dogs barking, and cats meowing.
Donkeys will hee haw randomly as this is their way of communicating. They don't
Since the donkeys were required to walk in a circle endlessly, it was believed that blindfolding them would prevent them from becoming dizzy. One legend has it that the reason the
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A donkey noise makes a sound called a bray. It is also described as 'eeyore' or 'hee-haw'. Braying is the characteristic sound made by donkeys and most mules. ...
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