Why Do Ducks Have Webbed Feet?


Ducks have webbed feet as they act like a pair of flippers. Webbed feet help ducks paddle through the water.
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Webbed feet improves their ability to swim. By them having webbed feet they are able to swim significantly in the water A duck has webbed feet so that it can push more water with
Over millions of years of the ducks evolution had favorited larger and more spread out webbing along their feet, those that had webbing along their feet survived and passed on their
Web (noun) - a membrane that connects the digits of an animal, as the toes
To spread their weight out over the sand, which helps to prevent them from sinking in to it. Camels are adapted to walk long distances in deserts, hence, they have evolved to form
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Ducks have webbed feet because they live in and around water. Webbed feet help ducks swim through the water. A duck's feet does not feel cold, so they can swim in cold water! You can find more information here: http://www.kiddyhouse.com/Farm/ducks1.html#feet
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