Why Do Eggs Float?


Some eggs float in water because of a large air cell that forms when the egg is being laid. As an egg ages, the porous shell allows the air cell to expand, which acts as a buoyancy aid hence the egg floats.
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Generally, fresh chicken eggs will lie on the bottom of the bowl of water and not float. If you have an egg that float it is starting to rot and the gas it is producing inside the shell makes it float. You can find more information here: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Eggs/EggsFloat.htm
Eggs float in fresh cold water when they are old because the shell is porous and after time the air pocket in the egg gets bigger and absorbs more air.
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In order to get an egg to float the water must have salt in it. When you place an egg in water the egg is more dense so it will sink if you start adding salt to the water the water
1. Gather your students or audience around a large, flat table so the experiment can be seen by everyone watching. 2. Fill a regular, tall drinking glass or a graduated cylinder to
1 Get a glass that's filled almost to the top. Ad 2 Fill it with 2 tablespoons of salt.
an egg float because of the weight of the water makes it float.
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Eggs float in saltwater because the water is denser than what the egg is. If you were to use regular tap water, the egg would be denser and thus sink. ...
Eggs float in saltwater due to density. When the salt is added to freshwater, it raises the density by a lot, allowing the water to support the egg. ...
Floating an egg is a popular science project. The egg will float in the saltwater because the density of saltwater is much higher than freshwater. ...
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