Why Do Female Cats Spray?


Female cats normally spray to attract the male cat. Spraying normally occurs when she is on heat and she does this to leave her scent to attract a male cat. It can as well be as a result of stress.
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Although unpleasant to humans, spraying is a natural activity for female cats. A female cat sprays by bending her legs slightly and depositing urine on a vertical object. Spraying
A cat spraying is an instinct that male cats have to mark their territory. Whatever they're spraying on, it means "this is mine". There are some deterrents available at
The caterwauling that signifies that at least one of my female house cats is in heat normally last for about two weeks, and then she will go back into heat about 20 to 30 days later
Female cats do not spray. What you are smelling is just urine. She is probably peeing from the stress of the other cats. Also even tho she is spayed she still might be peeing to spread
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Female cats will spray to attract a mate. If they are indoors with other cats, they may do this out of stress and frustration at having to share attention with other cats.
The reason that female cats will spray is to attract a male cat. It is not a common thing that is done by female cats, but more often by males.
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