Why Do Female Cats Spray?


Female cats normally spray to attract the male cat. Spraying normally occurs when she is on heat and she does this to leave her scent to attract a male cat. It can as well be as a result of stress.
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Although unpleasant to humans, spraying is a natural activity for female cats. A female cat sprays by bending her legs slightly and depositing urine on a vertical object. Spraying
Actually, the term is spayed. This is where the cat gets "fixed" which also means it can not reproduce. The word spray would be in a male cat where he is letting out disgusting
Cats who spray are often reproductively intact males (toms) but females do
1. Blot any remaining urine with paper towels. If you can catch the stain while it is still relatively fresh, you will have a better chance of eliminating it completely. If any urine
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Female cats will spray to attract a mate. If they are indoors with other cats, they may do this out of stress and frustration at having to share attention with other cats.
The reason that female cats will spray is to attract a male cat. It is not a common thing that is done by female cats, but more often by males.
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Both male and female cats spray urine as a way of marking their territories. Spraying is most common in cats who are not neutered and in households with many cats ...
Cats usually spray because they are confident and present themselves as the dominant figure in a multi-cat household. Other cats spray stems from cats that are ...
It is very common for male cats to spray urine to make other cats know he is set to mate. Male cats spray urine as normal reaction to the sex hormones, which grow ...
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