Why Do Fish Jump?


Fish sometimes jump out of water for varied reasons. Jumping allows fish to travel up stream to spawn, to escape predators and to escape water conditions they don't like. When fish jump in aquariums it is often to escape dirty water, because they are being chased by other fish in the tank, or because they see another fish nearby that they want to attack
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Fish jump when they are trying to escape predators, like flying fish, or when they are trying to catch food near the surface. Trout jump to get upstream to their spawning grounds.
Fish jump out of the water for two reasons: 1. Predator avoidance. 2. Prey capture (ex. insects)
1) They are trying to loosen the eggs in their skeins prior to spawning or 2) They are trying to
Scientists are not sure as to why these and other fish are so commonly observed jumping. Two popular hypotheses are the fish are either jumping to shake off parasites attached to
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Fish jump within the water usually due to being startled. They jump outside of the water, either because they are trying to escape from something that is going to eat them, or they are catching a bug or insect of some sort.
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