Why Do Floods Occur?


Floods are caused by heavy rains that pour to much water into rivers and other waterways. The type of land that is prone to flooding are broad and flat and mostly situated on the banks of a river or main waterway. Floods may also arise from masses of snow melting of tidal waves.
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In most places it rains heavily during the monsoon season. (the time when the wind follows the seasons) There is so much of water in rivers that in many of them the water rises above
Watersheds Floods develop in areas called watersheds. These areas can be either man-made or natural. A watershed is the land between a water source (such as an ice pack) and the body
Chemical reactions occur because different types of molecules interact with each other to create new substances. Many of these interactions happen naturally and are not man-made.
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There are many reasons that exist for why floods occur. One such reason is simply because there often isn't proper drainage space to get rid of water fast enough after a rain.
Floods occur when so much water falls in a short amount of time, that it just rushes along in a fury. They also occur when the ground has become so saturated that it can't soak up anymore water.
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