Why do Fluorescent Lights Flicker?


If a fluorescent light is flickering, it probably has a faulty starter unit or there could be a problem with the bulb's ballast (the device within a fluorescent bulb that causes it to light up). Replacing the bulb with a new one should fix the problem.
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Fluorescent ballasts control the electrical currents sent through the gas-filled tubes. Fluorescent bulbs are gas filled tubes, the gas is excited by electric pulses and in turn creates
If this is a dusk-to-dawn security light, the flickering could be caused by ambient or reflected light striking the cds mounted behind a small lens on the (side of most) cabinet.
The bulbs flicker because it took a few seconds for
Usually if bulb needs replacement it will start turning black on the ends. A bad ballast can also cause flickering. if you pinched a wire with the ballast cover this will also cause
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Why Do Fluorescent Lights Flicker?
A fluorescent lamp or fluorescent tube is a "gas-discharge lamp" (lamps that generate light by passing an electrical charge through an ionized gas) which utilizes electricity to excite mercury vapor. The excited mercury vapor produces short wave ultra... More »
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