Why Do Girls Become Tomboys?


Some girls become tomboys for fear of feeling inferior. A lot of people think of men when they think of adjectives like brave, strong, and fearless. Some girls psychologically link this to women being the opposite and thus they want to be more like a man.
Q&A Related to "Why Do Girls Become Tomboys?"
What causes a girl to be a tomboy you ask? Well, I don't know where to start. First of all, I am a tomboy and nothing is wrong with being a tomboy. Lots of girls are tomboys and it
1. Makeup. Be open to changes. Use makeup to cover what you want: acne, blemishes, etc with concealer and foundation. Put on some mascara, eyeliner, blush, and finally eyeshadow.
1. Do activities she enjoys. Tomboys often enjoy doing physical activities, like rough and tumble games or competitive pastimes. Ask your tomboy what she would like to do on a weekend
I've always been classed as a tomboy by everybody I know. I like sport, rather 'androgynous' clothing, superhero/action films, rock music. Some people just think that girls are tomboys
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