Why Do Goldfish Die?


Goldfish may die due to toxins finding their way to the aquarium, a poorly filtered aquarium or an electrical fault in the aquarium that could have electrocuted the goldfish. Goldfish are among the moist popular fish to be kept as pets.
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1. Use a mesh net to remove the dead goldfish from its tank. 2. Place the goldfish in a small box and bury it outdoors if you prefer. Be sure to make a deep hole so neighborhood pets
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There are many reasons why a goldfish would die; it may have died of old age, poor water quality, overfeeding, deformity, or the most common reason is disease.
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Goldfish can die for many reasons. They will die if you take them out of the water, or if you forget to feed them too many times, or even if you feed them too often(they don't know to stop eating and their stomachs will finally explode!). Improper filtration, the ammonia from their own urine and feces in an infrequently cleaned tank, extreme temperatures, and aggressive tankmates will also kill goldfish. Common fish diseases such as ich kill many goldfish as well.Occasionally, however, if all these obstacles can be avoided, a goldfish will live to die peacefully of old age. Just how long a goldfish can live is hard to say, but there have been reports of goldfish in Japan living to be over 200 years of age.
Goldfish may die because there is not an air tank connected to the aquarium. Gold fish may also die if the aquarium is not cleaned from their fecal matter.
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