Why Do Hamsters Bite Themselves?


If a hamster is biting itself, it probably has some form of parasite or skin allergy. Fleas and mites sometimes live on hamsters, irritating its skin and causing it to bite and scratch itself. Wash the hamster with some pesticide shampoo. If hammie has a skin allergy, try and change the litter material and get some Fuciderm for the itchy skin.
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if they are biting themselves that means they are icthy and might have fleas or something.
1. Allow your new hamster to settle in for a few days before handling it. It needs time to adapt to its new environment before it will feel secure enough for people to handle it.
1. Let your hamster get used to its new surroundings. Pet experts recommend that for the first three days, you shouldn't touch the hamster. Ad. 2. Allow the hamster to become used
Hi Alisia, Thank you for your question. Hamsters bite when they are startled and since he still does not know you he bites... you should give him some time until he will get used
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